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Hello Hair x Curl Code Black Workbook

Hello Hair x Curl Code Black Workbook

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Through education and hands-on training young girls & adults will learn about their hair type, DIY treatments and best practices for healthy natural hair.

We are on a mission to support and equip the next generation with resources and tools to build a relationship with their crown. By the end of this 40 page activity book, you'll know your hair porosity, density, texture and more to build a hair regimen that works for you! 

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  • Great bonding book for my daughter and I

    I am new to curly hair so this book was great to give inspiration of new ideas of try. It was also so fun to go through with my daughter and have her pick which hair style she wants to try.
    I highly recommend! - Alicia

  • It's definitely bring me back to the 90's!

    I always loved flipping through black magazines as a kid when my mom would go grocery shopping. So much inspiration & tips/ticks on how to achieve certain styles celebs wore. I love this! It's definitely bring me back to the 90's! - Aaliyah

  • Great reference images

    I am an art teacher, and I saw this posted on Instagram. Hello Hair is an excellent compilation of reference images for my students in the art classroom when they create self portraits. Thank you so much! - Samantha