it's Deeper than Hair...

It's honoring our past, educating our present, and preserving our culture for the generations to come.

Our story is the embodiment of past, present, and future. To know who we are, we must know who we were and where we are going.

Hello Hair Black Hair Experience

The Roots

It all begins in the roots, so it’s only right we start with the fam. Grant's dad is a dreadlock “rebel” and her mom was a permed “conformist.” Two ends of the broad hair spectrum so she was bound to fall somewhere in between. From plaits for school to the hot combs for special occasions. Lacking proper hair care education, she resorted to wearing nylons to bed, and her mother's treatment of tender scalps was far from gentle.

The Journey

It took Grant more than two decades to embrace her natural hair. When she became a mother to her first child, Tiana, she was determined to raise her with unconditional love for every aspect of herself, especially her crown! This inspired Grant to create the Hello Hair book, aimed at empowering all young black girls to embrace their natural hair. This journey has sparked liberation, healed her inner child, and an overflow of self-love!

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