100 Natural Hairstyles for Kids

100 Natural Hairstyles for Kids

Name something more versatile than natural. We'll wait...From our curl patterns, to hair colors and hairstyles, nothing beats the versatility of natural hair! 

Instilling the versatility of our crowns to our children can change the misconception and stigma of black hair for generations to come. Growing up, I felt like plaits, a puff and single braids were my only option. Now on social media and in books we see the options are endless! Here's some of my favourites:

1. Lemonade Braids
Originally known as the side braids until the iconic Beyonce renamed them "Lemonade Braids." This style with the beads is timeless! 
Lemonade Braids


2. Donut Buns
From chill days to weddings, this style is simple yet perfect for any occasion. 

Donut Buns
3. Bantu Knots
Bantu which translates to "people" originated from the Zulu people of Southern Africa. This style is a statement in itself and has many different names! #Hairstory
4. Bubble Braids
Feeling Bubbly? I don't know if its just me but when I see these braids, I immediately think of DaBrat (90's baby). The return of a creative and fun hairstyle.

bubble braids

5. Wash and Go
Let the curls free! Once you get the technique down, the simplicity + volume is a win, win!

wash and go

6. Cornrow Ponytail
This will forever be a go-to protective style! May take some time to braid but once it down, it'll save so much time in the mornings to follow.

cornrow ponytail

7. Loc'd High Ponytail
For our loc'd girls! You can always count on a simple high ponytail

Kids with locs, high ponytail

8. Butterfly Buns
Butterfly hair accessories can uplift any style! How cute is this style?

butterfly buns


9. Pigtail twists
Twists are probably my favourite style! Easy to do and even easier to take out. Dress your twist up with some clips and hair bubbles!

pigtail twists


10. Classic Headwrap
Whether you wear it as a cultural, spiritual, fashion, political or any other statement, you can always depend on your headwrap!

classic headwrap

It was hard to choose only 10 when there are so many different styles. Click here to get your copy of the Hello Hair book and explore 100 different natural hairstyles with your little one!

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